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How to Go About Your Last Minute Move 


If we were in a perfect world, we would have enough time to prepare for any move that anyone has to make. We’re not in a perfect world, but we can always find a way to prepare and make any move. Moving is a process that involves tiny details and tasks that must be performed appropriately. The moving process requires proper prior preparation, three or four weeks at a minimum. However, in this imperfect world, things happen to you very fast, and so does the last minute move.

Last minute Removal Company
Last minute Removal Company

Last minute Removal Company

Last minute moves can happen to you in two ways. There are those which you totally do not have ample time between finding what you really have to move and the move itself, and there are those you keep on procrastinating only for you to find yourself in a situation where you have unpacked items at home a few days before the move itself. Whatever your situation figuring out move efficiently is important. MTC Removals Company shares their last-minute moving tips that will help you out.

1.    Make a list 

This is an important last minute moving tip and it will help be successful in your moving process. Before doing anything else you need to look at your house in order to assess the items that you will definitely want to carry with you to your new place. In doing so you will also asses the items that you might want to leave behind. You need to create a list in order to stay organized. Make three lists, one lift for what to pack, the second one for what to donate and third one for what to get rid of. Make sure you write down everything in a way that is most convenient for you.

Creating a list of all the things that you need to pack, donate or get rid of, allows you to narrow down on the items that you need to pack. By donating and getting rid of the things you don’t need, you will have less to pack, thus the easier and faster packing will be. Easy packing is the most important thing for a last minute.

A move actually grants a great time to narrow down your things, and a last minute move gives you a more incentive to travel lightly, only with the things that you need. You need to avoid packing just everything with the idea that you will get rid of the things that you don’t need when you get to your new house. It’s wiser to sort out things before moving. This will help you save time and money for the things that are really important.

2.    Gather supplies

This is often a last minute moving tip that is more often than not overlooked. Gathering supplies saves you time that would have otherwise been wasted looking for the packing tape, scissors and other essential packing supplies. You need to gather all essential supplies together in one place in order to have a smooth process. You need things like packing paper, boxes of different sizes, markers, labels and box cutters among other essential items. Having easy access to such supplies gives you an easy time packing your items. You could also opt for professional help from professionals at the MTC London Removals Company who can bring everything that is needed in a move.

3.    Start  early 

When the sun is up, you should be up too. Getting an early start to your day is important since you will have enough time to pack and organize your items. You will not regret having a head start on checking out those small details and ensuring that they are just perfect. getting an early start to your day will not only allow you to finish up everything you weren’t able to the previous night but will also allow you some time to unexpected and last minute tasks. You will be able to stay on track of all items including those items whose importance is usually overlooked. You do not want to forget things like a phone charger and jewellery. Waking up early gives you time to pause and take some time to double-check your lists in order to make sure everything is ready to go.

4.    Use trash bags to pack your things quickly and easily

Using trash or garbage bags is definitely not the best way to ensure your things move to your new home. However, when you find yourself in a last minute move using garbage bags to pack your items is a very easy and quick way to pack. Not everything can be packed in a garbage bag. You simply pack non-fragile items into the bags. These bags can hold more items than boxes. When opting for the trash bags you need to ensure you get the strong and sturdy which can properly handle your belongings.

Additionally, you need to label the trash bags properly. In the process of moving, you do not want your mover, your family or friend to confuse these bags for trash. Label them with good markers in order to distinguish them from trash bags that you be getting rid of. Better yet you can opt for clear trash bags.

How to pack for a last minute move 

1.    Pack room by room 

Sometimes packing your entire house can be an overwhelming task. That is why packing room by room is an important last minute moving tip. This can actually help you streamline your move and give you peace of mind. Packing room by room can significantly increase your productivity and help get the job done faster. Start with rooms that have many things, like the living room, then get to the bedrooms and lastly the bathrooms. Starting big ad ending small gives you the motivation that you need through the entire moving process. This actually makes your last minute packing less stressful.

2.    Use all the space that is available to you 

This is an important last minute moving tip. You should pack a smaller item such as the fabric duffels into larger duffels. You can also place clothing directly into duffels instead of using the boxes. Then go ahead to place the same duffel into a larger duffel. If you have suitcases, fill them up. This allows you to save yourself time and energy. You will have fewer items to move.

3.    Get help from professional packers 

Nothing beats the help of professional packers in a last minute move or in any other type of a move. This actually puts an end to the misery of packing if you can’t stand the task alone. Honestly, most people don’t like the idea of packing their belongings, thus, they opt for professional help. You can hire MTC Removals Company to pack your entire your entire home or just a few rooms that might take up a lot of your time. If you have moved several times, then you definitely know that when moving you always run out of time, thus hiring moving professional is probably an important investment you will want to make. More often than not, the biggest regret you can have when moving is not asking help or hiring moving professionals. Hiring professionals is a great investment that will save you time which is important for a last-minute move.

How to hire movers quickly 

Last minute moves are very common. Hiring professional movers quickly to complete your move is an important investment. If you are in a last minute move situation we have an easy guide to hiring professional movers quickly.

1.    Do you research 

If you want to find a good mover then you need to do your own research. You need to take the same steps to find a good mover as someone who has enough time to plan their move. Remember when you have a very short time to move, you can easily make a mistake and thus you may end up with the wrong mover. Therefore, regardless of your short time frame, it is important to ensure you hire the best and reputable mover. You can ask friends, family and neighbours for recommendations. Do your thorough research and ask all the questions you need to ask.

2.    Ask the right questions

Hiring movers during your last minute move can be a tricky task, however, it is still important to ask the right questions in order to ensure you are getting the best service. You can ask about services provided and mover fees. You need to be sure what type of move you’re making and the type of estimate that is right for you.  Hiring the right mover is not about getting the cheapest price, but getting the best service.


Moving is very overwhelming no matter how much time you have. If you are figuring out how to go about your last minute move, you need to focus on the big picture and get your belongings to your new home as efficient as possible.

Last Minute Moving Services
Last Minute Moving Services

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