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How to Navigate a Move with Kids

Moving can be a daunting experience. Toss in the uncertainty of children, and it becomes an even more challenging endeavor. Whether it’s across town or to another country, moving with kids requires careful planning and a good dose of patience. In this guide, we’ll offer actionable tips on moving with kids, ensuring that both parents and children have a smooth transition.

How to Navigate a Move with Kids: A Comprehensive Guide

Preparing Kids for the Move

  1. Open Communication: Start by talking to your kids about why you’re moving. Whether it’s due to a job relocation, being closer to family, or simply seeking a change, being transparent can help them understand and even get excited. For more on this, check out how to prepare for movers.
  2. Involve Them in the Process: Allow them to help with age-appropriate tasks like packing their toys. Need help with packing? This professional packing service can make it seamless.
  3. Visit the New Place: If possible, take them to see the new home or neighborhood. Familiarizing them with the area can alleviate some apprehensions. For moves within the city, explore the best places to live in East London.

Entertainment During the Move

  1. Moving Day Backpack: Prepare a backpack with their favorite toys, books, and snacks. This will keep them entertained and feel comforted amidst the chaos.
  2. Tech to the Rescue: If you’re comfortable with screen time, tablets or portable game consoles can be life-savers, especially for long journeys. If your move is more sudden, read up on last-minute moving.
  3. Play “I Spy”: Turn moving into a game. “I spy something blue”, can distract and engage them during long drives or waits.

Adjusting to Their New Home

  1. Set Up Their Room First: This gives them a familiar space amidst the unfamiliar. Ensure that your precious artwork and possessions are safe during the move with tips on how to pack and transport artwork.
  2. Explore Together: Go on walks around the new neighborhood, find local parks, or locate the nearest ice cream shop. Making new memories can help the new place feel like home.
  3. Stick to Routines: Children thrive on routines. Keeping bedtime or mealtime routines similar to what they were before can provide comfort.
  4. Meet New Friends: Arrange playdates with neighbors or sign them up for local activities to help them build new relationships.

Don’t Forget About Pets!

If you’re also moving with pets, remember they might be feeling the stress too. If you’re wondering about the cost dynamics of moving with pets or in general, look into the cost of moving in 2023.


How to Navigate a Move with Kids: FAQs

Moving house can be a challenging experience, especially when children are involved. At MTC East London Removals and Storage, we understand the importance of making the transition as smooth as possible for every member of the family. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about navigating a move with kids, along with our expert advice.

Q1: How can I prepare my kids for the move?

A: Preparation is key to helping your children adjust to the idea of moving. Start by talking to them about the move as soon as possible, explaining why it’s happening and what it means for the family. Share exciting details about the new home and area to spark their interest. Involving them in the moving process, such as packing their own belongings or picking out new room decorations, can also help them feel more in control and part of the adventure.

Q2: What can I do to help my kids say goodbye to their current home and friends?

A: Saying goodbye is an important step in the moving process. Consider throwing a farewell party where your kids can gather with their friends for a proper goodbye. Encourage them to exchange contact information with their friends so they can stay in touch. Taking photos of your current home and favourite spots in the neighbourhood can also provide a tangible way to remember and talk about their old home.

Q3: How can I keep my children entertained on moving day?

A: Moving day can be long and stressful, so it’s crucial to plan ahead to keep your kids entertained. Prepare a “moving day kit” with snacks, games, books, and any electronic devices they enjoy, ensuring everything is charged. If possible, arranging for them to stay with a family member or close friend during the actual move can also help reduce stress for both you and your children.

Q4: What are some tips for settling into a new home with kids?

A: Settling into a new home can take time. Prioritise setting up your children’s rooms first to give them a sense of familiarity and security. Maintain regular routines as much as possible to provide stability. Explore your new neighbourhood together, finding parks, playgrounds, and other family-friendly activities. Lastly, be patient and open to discussing their feelings about the move and the new home.

Q5: How can I ensure my kids adjust well to their new school?

A: A new school can be daunting for any child. Visit the school together before their first day to familiarise them with the environment and meet some of their teachers if possible. Talk about their feelings and reassure them that it’s normal to feel nervous. Encourage them to get involved in school activities and make new friends. Staying connected with their teachers to monitor how they’re adjusting is also beneficial.

Q6: Any additional tips for moving with kids?

A: Yes, always emphasise the positive aspects of the move to your children. Keep communication lines open, allowing them to express their thoughts and feelings about the move freely. Patience and understanding are crucial during this transition period. Remember, it’s normal for kids to take time to adjust to significant changes, so provide plenty of love and support.

At MTC East London Removals and Storage, we’re dedicated to making your family’s move as stress-free as possible. Our team of professionals is here to assist every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition to your new home. If you have any more questions or need assistance with your upcoming move, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Moving with family is undoubtedly a test of patience and resilience. But with a little preparation, open communication, and the right resources, it can also be an adventure and a fresh start for your entire clan. By involving your children in the moving process and focusing on their needs and concerns, you can help ensure that your family’s transition to a new home is as seamless as possible. Wondering about the professionals behind the move? Discover the importance of a moving company and how they can make a difference.

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