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Central London Removals Company ! 

Need Removal Companies in Central London?

 Reliable Moving Home Company Will Take Care Of Your Belongings. London removals company Packing Also Available. Schedule Your Domestic or Office Move From Monday to Sunday. Get a Free Instant Quote Now! Fully Insured Removals. Home & Office Removals. Smooth & Secure Moves.

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Highest Quality Service

Competitive Hourly Rates.

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Highly qualified and experienced professionals.

Specialise in Removals

We specialise in removals throughout London the UK.

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Today we are moving over 50 homes and offices every week.

Secure Removal Service

Maximum protection to your belongings.

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No matter what the scale of the job, we are ready to provide the maximum protection to your belongings.

Central London Moving Company | Reliable Moving Home Company Will Take Care Of Your Belongings

Hand over your Central London moving project to MTC Man and Van East London

Moving from one home to another is never an easy thing to do. You will never be able to handle the tough process of moving on your own. Therefore, you will need to get in touch with a reputed Central London mobbing company. The decision you take to hire a reputed moving company such as MTC Removals is an excellent investment that you could do. It will help you to save both time as well as money in the long run.

To get started, you can call MTC Removals Company now and ask for a free house removals estimate. You will be provided with the estimate instantly over the phone: 0800 2940566. Then you can allocate the budget and focus on the other aspects of moving.

Looking for a quality and affordable removals service?

Central London Removal Company | Specialised Moving Services to Meet Your Needs

You are also encouraged to contact a man and van Central London in advance of your moving date. When you are moving out, you need to start packing early as much as possible. It includes selecting the Central London Removal Company as well. When you are busy with work, you don’t have a clear understanding on how time flies. To overcome the last minute frustration, you can simply get ready for the moving process few months ahead. Then you will have enough time to plan the things. As a result, you will never regret when you are going through the last minute frustration. If you can find a reputed Removal Company Central London during the initial stages of your move, you will be able to receive an excellent assistance throughout the entire process. In other words, you will be able to overcome the hassle associated with the move because you will be provided with directions on what you should do and what you should not do.

London Removals & Storage – Same Day Moves Available

You are using cardboard boxes to hold all the items at the time of moving. Therefore, you should have the ability to trust the boxes that carry all your important and precious belongings. That’s why you need to invest money on the best quality boxes on the very first place. If you figure out that the boxes are not reliable at the end of packing process, you will not be able to throw them away and get new boxes. It would be a pain to you. To avoid the pain associated with such situations, you can purchase high quality boxes and use from the very first day you start packing. If you cannot find boxes needed for packing, all you need to do is to get in touch with your moving company. The boxes provided by removal companies central London can definitely help you with packing all your belongings without much hassle.

Man and Van Central London | Cheap Removals Companies 

Before you bring in the belongings to the new home, you can think about cleaning it. At the time of packing, it would be a good idea to allocate a couple of days in order to clean the new home. When there are no items, you will find it as an easy task to complete the cleaning process. It will assist you to get the job done within a short period of time as well. You never want to settle down in a home that has dust settled for decades. Therefore, you can clean at the right time to save your time and effort. Since you have found one of the best moving companies in central London to take care of moving, you will be able to find enough time to clean the house. Removal Companies London Therefore, you will not have to deal with the frustration associated with an over packed schedule. This will flow smoothly along with the help of Central London Removal Company and you will enjoy what you are doing.

When you have appropriate labels on all the boxes that you pack, you will be able to identify them easily at the time of unpacking. Usually the removal firms central London provides labels needed. You just need to request for the labels, write down the names and paste on your boxes. When you want to unpack the most essential items, you don’t need to open each and every box to see what’s inside. Instead, you can simply read the label and open the right box at the very first attempt. This will help you to save a considerable amount of time during the unpacking process.

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Our Services

Office Relocation

Office Relocation Central London
Recently, Central London office removals have taken a vital role to move the Office Relocations.
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Domestic Removals

Domestic Removals Central London
Thеrе аrе mаnу dіffеrеnt rеаѕоnѕ уоu mау rеquіrе а House Rеmоvаlѕ London Cоmраnу.
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House Packing Services

House Packing Services Central London
There are a lot of house packing service companies available in the market.
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Waste and Disposal Services

Waste and Disposal Services in Central London
Yоur hоuѕе, араrtmеnt, соndо оr whеrе еvеr уоu lіvе іѕ fіllеd wіth furnіturе.
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House and Office Furniture Clearance

House and Office Furniture Clearance in Central London
If the office is clean and lavish it shows that company is rich and earns the profit.
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Man and Van

Man and Van Central London
Whether it is the matter of office relocation or the shifting of the house we always need a man and the van for this purpose.
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Office Crates Hire

Central Crates Hire in East London
Firstly, such boxes do not provide hard build quality and thus experience risk of breaking down while moving bulky items.
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London Removal Services

Central London Removals Services
Home Cleaning Service London by MTC Cleaners Service, provides top quality and professional cleaning.
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Thank you so much MTC -Carlos!!!I am very happy for your help!!MTC is perfect!!!
Ozzy Ozzy
Ozzy Ozzy
17:39 14 May 21
Carlos was so helpful on the phone and gave me real peace of mind over moving my couch. Very professional removal company.
Gareth O'Duffy
Gareth O'Duffy
10:40 13 May 21
Never been a fan of reviews, but this time is different–these guys are just too good, so I just wanna thank them!
Harris Eesa
Harris Eesa
12:48 14 Mar 21
I was trying to find acheap man and van–you know, to keep it as budget-friendly as possible.Thankfully, these guys came into the frame and helped me a lot without overcharging me for anything.
03:37 05 Mar 21
Been looking for acheap man and van company to help with my move. You know, I’m happy I found these guys. I mean,MTC Man and Van were nothing but helpful and I didn’t overpay.
cras an
cras an
10:49 28 Feb 21
Jay Patel
Jay Patel
16:38 25 Oct 20
The best man and van service ever. I am more than happy to recommend MTC Man and Van East in London for all of you :).
Mosart Santos
Mosart Santos
14:22 29 Jul 20
Positive experience with them. Paul & Kate were incredibly professional and communicative during this process. I want to thank them and everyone else responsible for facilitating such an exceptional... removal service. I'll be a customer for life!read more
Nathaniel Perez
Nathaniel Perez
16:13 24 Jun 20
Carlos & Thiago were the removal experts that successfully transported my things to my new home. They didn't run into any problems and kept me informed about the progress every step of the way.... Awesome job! Awesome removal service!read more
Tamara Clark
Tamara Clark
16:06 24 Jun 20
This removal company near me did an excellent job of transferring my possessions to my new residence in East London. I can't recommend them enough for such a well executed removal service that... resulted in nothing getting broken, damaged or lost. Thank you!!read more
Clara Davis
Clara Davis
15:59 24 Jun 20
Sensational removal company. Transparent, communicates effectively, understands good customer service, well mannered and affordable. Nothing of mine was damaged during the removal process. I received... all of my things more
Jillian Carter
Jillian Carter
15:39 24 Jun 20
I relocated to East London recently to pursue a work opportunity. MTC Man and Van coordinated my removal to my new East London home. Their team of removers were highly impressive in both areas of... knowledge and transparency.They instilled confidence in me after witnessing their approach to customer service and performance. This was an excellent example of how a company truly invested in what they do, should be able to easily convey that message to their customers by their actions and more
Ronnie Braswell
Ronnie Braswell
15:34 24 Jun 20
Professional, on time removal experts. They didn't lose track or break any of my personal belongings. Such a fantastic company with a respectable approach to servicing customers. I'm satisfied with... my recent removal and would recommend them to others in more
Sierra Cantee
Sierra Cantee
15:27 24 Jun 20
It's highly unlikely that I'd use another local remover after such a fantastic experience with MTC Man and Van. These East London Removal experts know what they're doing and won't leave the customer... more
Raymond Beasley
Raymond Beasley
15:24 24 Jun 20
It's a genuine pleasure to recommend this removal company to anyone in East London seeking a stable and professional service that won't overcharge them or delay the arrival of their belongings. They... are extremely conscientious of every small detail that goes into a well orchestrated removal more
Danny Davis
Danny Davis
14:31 24 Jun 20
This East London Removal company set a golden standard for a hassle free, uncomplicated removal service. They were timely and good at managing my belongings. None of my things incurred any damages.... Thank you so much for the smooth removal more
Rebecca McBride
Rebecca McBride
14:27 24 Jun 20
Never thought that moving can be that simple and stress free. Amazing service and very very professional. These guys know what they doing. Moved my entire flats stuff in my new flat without any... issues. Service is Worth money. I highly recommend these company.Don’t waste your time and money with other removal companiesread more
Sajid Shaikh
Sajid Shaikh
16:34 20 Mar 20
Helped us move from our flat in hackney to house in forest gate. Can not recommend these guys enough, turned up early, were super quick and careful. Went out of their way to help, best movers i have... ever used and will be recommending to as many people as i can!read more
Sean Mahoney
Sean Mahoney
18:50 30 Jan 20
I moved to my new home with MTC on Saturday 30th. I called and Carlos booked the Van. He was very polite and accommodating as i booked last minute so he managed to get me the slot. Ailton and Ruan... came to move the stuff. Both were very professional, polite and helpful. Nothing was damaged and they moved it so quick. Everything was left in my living room nicely. Highly recommend MTC !!!read more
Fatima Malik
Fatima Malik
14:28 02 Dec 19
Impeccable removal company. When you have removers like this, there's really nothing negative to point out. I have no constructive criticism. This is a fabulous choice if you're moving in or out of... East more
Richard Hampton
Richard Hampton
00:19 11 Oct 19
This was a thorough removal company. All of my possessions were transported to my new home in East London successfully. I am satisfied with how the service transpired and would gladly recommend these... guys to more
Blake Crawford
Blake Crawford
23:19 10 Oct 19
This removal service really is second to none. They have the proper manpower, patience, knowledge and professionalism to orchestrate a removal successfully. I would hire MTC Man & Van again for a... future removal more
Belle Lyons
Belle Lyons
03:00 01 Oct 19
This has been a successful removal service. I'm usually pretty good at identifying services that are worthwhile. This is one of them.
Belle Elida
Belle Elida
20:08 14 Sep 19
Attentive removal service. Very happy with my decision to use thrm over the competing removal companies. They met my needs and were a good fit for me overall.
Nikki Fenn
Nikki Fenn
02:12 11 Sep 19
Very professional experience with these guys! You won't find a more dedicated and compassionate removal company in the local market!
Tahila Countinho
Tahila Countinho
09:20 10 Sep 19
The most genuine out of all the removal companies I called. They definitely earned my business by exhibiting quality customer service, transparent pricing and formidable moving expertise. This is a... very organized removal service that can be trusted for the entirety of the more
Brittany Jones
Brittany Jones
13:45 08 Sep 19
My experience with this company was far above what I anticipated. Nothing was mishandled or misplaced during the removal service. If you're moving to or from East London, I'd wholeheartedly recommend... this removal company for the more
Talliah Hambly
Talliah Hambly
01:03 15 Aug 19
This removal service was performed to my expectations. MTC Man & Van removed my furniture from West to East London. This was a perfectly orchestrated service. Thank you!
Benny Fleischer
Benny Fleischer
19:07 14 Aug 19
Removal services are no easy task so I give these movers a ton of credit. They did things the right way where most companies would go wrong and for that they deserve a recommendation.
Reed Stevens
Reed Stevens
05:43 13 Aug 19
I am very impressed with how my removal service was handled from start to finish. This company was very accommodating and accountable for all of my furniture and miscellaneous belongings. Thank you... very much for maintaining your core values during this removal service!read more
Nathan Pullman
Nathan Pullman
18:34 12 Aug 19
A very professional and dependable removal company. If you're looking for a removal company in East London, this is a worthy option!
Bernice Layfield
Bernice Layfield
18:06 09 Aug 19

Central London Removals Company – Moving with care. Safe & Secure

Moving Van in Central London | We Offer Premier Home Moving

Before you pack the belongings inside the cardboard boxes, you should go ahead and purchase multi-task packers. They are in a position to help you save a lot of space while you are shipping items. For example, you will be able to pack many different items in a multi-task packer and this can assist you to minimise the space that you utilise for packing. It can deliver a painless moving experience at the end of the day as well. Central London Removal Company can tell you where you can purchase multi packers. Or else, they will even provide you with what is needed.

In addition to labelling boxes, you can go ahead and number them accordingly as well. You need to be careful to number the boxes according to the priority. Then you will be able to overcome a headache during the unpacking process. Even though Central London Removals Company provides you an excellent assistance with moving, you will not be able to enjoy it because of the frustration you have to go through at the time of unpacking. Hence, you need to make sure that you don’t end up with such a situation.

To make the life easy when carrying boxes, you can go ahead and cut holes on the sides of them. For example, imagine the frustration you have to go through in order to bend and pick up a box. You can do it with minimum hassle when you have cut holes on the sides.

Now you have a clear understanding on how to experience a painless moving process and the benefits you can receive from MTC Removals, Central London Removals Company. As a bonus tip, you should remember that it is a good idea to contact a reliable moving company such as Royal Moving Company. Then you will be able to get an additional helping hand.

Get your Free Removals Quotation Today:  0800 294 0566 |  020 3811 8380   |

Central London Areas:

Aldersgate | Aldgate | Angel | Barbican | Barnsbury | Bishopsgate | Bloomsbury | Broadgate | Clerkenwell | Farringdon | Fenchurch St | Finsbury| Fleet Street | Hackney Holborn |Hoxton | Islington | Kings Cross | Liverpool Street | Monument | Moorgate | Pentonville | Shadwell | Shoreditch | Spitalfields | St Lukes | St Pancras | St Paul’s | Stepney Green | Strand |Temple | The Square Mile | Tower Hamlets | Tower Hill | Whitechapel.

FAQ’S & News

  • Can I get an estimate for moving?

    We offer a free quote for all our services, to determine what it involves and what the cost of the move would be. You can fill out the form on our website, or contact us. However, the quote will only be as accurate as you’ve filled out, and will be affected by the size of your consignment, the distance to destination, and the services you’ve selected.

  • How can I contact you?

    We have a 24 hour hotline at 0800-294-0566, mobile at 079-0824-7249, office at 020-3239-9462, and our email at

  • When are you open to move my stuff?

    Our warehouses are open from 8AM to 8PM from Monday to Saturday.

  • Do you offer professional services?

    A. Yes we do, we offer reliable and efficient services with a professional approach to any move you need.

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