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Bubble Wrap – Aircap. 1 Roll/Pk 1500mm x 100m

This Aircap bubble wrap is perfect for wrapping large items since it is an extra wide 1500mm. Smooth, clean and moisture-proof, the bubble wrap roll offers cost-effective all-purpose protective packaging.


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External Size
1500mm x 100m

This moisture and tear resistant bubble wrap is an extra wide 1500mm, perfect for protecting large items including furniture and white goods from dirt, moisture and scratches. Supplied on a 100m roll, it offers you a versatile and cost-effective non-abrasive protective packaging solution.

Made from top quality Aircap small bubble wrap film, it is light and pleasant to handle yet extremely strong and durable, providing all-purpose bubble packing and cushioning. Bubblewrap with small-size bubbles is exceptionally flexible and easy to mould around objects for optimum packing protection.  Ideal for both shipping and storage requirements, Aircap bubble wrap has a better barrier coating than inferior wraps, meaning that it retains air particularly well and is therefore more reliable and long-lasting.

You can save it for reuse or it can be recycled.  Bubble wrap rolls are more economical than buying sheets and there is no waste. This bubble wrap is a convenient void fill solution as it can be scrunched up easily to cushion items and plug gaps in packages.

Additional information

Weight 1.400 kg
Dimensions 1500 × 100 × 100 mm