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Hiring Man And Van London For Your Moving Day ®




Why You Should  Hire Removal Company For Your Moving Day.

When you are about to move to a new house, one of your main concerns would be how you are going to carry all your belongings from the old house to the new house. In this case, you basically have two options, either to do it yourself or hire a London removal company to assist you.

How To Learn About Hiring Man And Van London For Your Moving Day

Hiring Man And Van London
Hiring Man And Van London

You may be tempted to do the removals yourself in order to save money, but most of the time this usually doesn’t end well. In “MTC Man and Van Hire London”, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to spend any money, because most likely you don’t have your own truck so you need to rent one. House Removal Company in Barnes Then you might also need other people to help you carry and lift your stuff, especially if you have lots of big furniture. It would be great if you have friends or relatives that can help, but if not, then you might need to hire a man and van company to help you out as well. If you bring other expenses into the equation like fuel and packing equipment, it may turn out that doing the removals yourself is not so cheap after all.

Preparations You Should Make Before Using a Hiring Removal Company  For Your Moving Day

However, the biggest issue is the fact that you and the extra help you hire don’t have a lot or any experience in moving. Lack of experience could cost you a lot, because many bad things can happen to your valuable stuff during the moving process. That’s why a lot of people who decided to do the removals themselves ended up “paying” more than they should have if they hired man and van removals services.

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring Man And Van Company For Your Moving Day

The other option is obviously to hire a man and van london to help you move. Bayswater Removals This will make things so much easier, as you don’t have to rent a truck drive it yourself, do your own packing, lifting all your heavy furniture to the truck and then unload them on the destination, everything will be taken care of.

However, lately there are also a lot of concerns about hiring a man and van london . A lot of people claimed that they got ripped off by the London removal company they hired. Some man and van removals services trapped their customers with a bunch of hidden fees, some others did not provide services as advertised, some others didn’t responsible when there were some broken or lost items, and there are many other similar stories.

Hiring Man And Van London

Hire Man And Van London
Hire Man And Van London

Awesome Things You Can Learn From Hire a Moving Company For Your Moving Day

We can’t deny that there are many terrible moving companies out there, but it doesn’t mean that removal companies are bad. A lot of hire removal company actually offer great moving assistance. They are very professional, honest, skillful, and responsible with reasonable pricing. You just need to know how to avoid the bad ones and hire the good one for your moving “” day.

Price quote

Asking for a price quote is a great way to make sure that you get a good price before you hire a man and van london . When asking for a quote also make sure whether it’s a fixed price and will not increase when the move is over. If there is a possibility for additional charges, such as waiting times or petrol costs, make sure that you are fully informed.

Some man and van removals services charge by the hour, some others charge per day and others per job. It’s important that you know how you will be charged, because it can affect the total cost.


What kind of vehicle will be used to carry your stuff? Make sure the hire removal company you choose has a suitable vehicle for all your belongings and that the vehicle won’t be overloaded during the moving process, because besides it’s against the law, overloading the vehicle will also damage your stuff. How many trips will it take to carry all your stuff to the destination? If you’re moving locally it may not be a problem to take multiple trips, but if it’s a long distance moving, ideally the vehicle used is enough carry everything in a single trip.

Moving Team

When you hire a “Man and Van or a Removal Company” service, it’s not necessarily that you will get only one man with a van to help you move. If you have a lot of items to move, then you better make sure the hire man and van company London you hire can provide enough people to help you move. What’s the point of hiring a moving company if you still have to do some heavy lifting?

Then you also need to make sure that the team will be in uniform, because this will give a peace of mind knowing that the people working with your belongings really represent the company.

Additional equipment and service

A good removal company will use protective equipment to make sure that all your belongings are well protected during the moving process. Also find out whether they can provide packing boxes and packing services. Packing boxes are important to help keep all your things organized and protected during the moving. A professional moving company usually provides packing equipment and services, sometimes with a small extra charge, but it will help ensure all the items are properly packed and protected.


A professional man and van hire London will provide your house move with a full insurance protection. Because no matter how professional and experienced the moving company is, accidents can still happen. Insurance will give extra assurance and peace of mind, knowing that any accidental damage or loss to your belonging will be fully covered. So before hiring a moving company, make sure you know what kind of insurance protection they can provide.

Hire Man And Van London

Man And Van Hire in London

Our man and van hire is affordable service that suits any budget. It is specially designed to provide you with expert assistance in small relocations anywhere in London and the UK. Whether you need to move only one item, a few boxes or all the contents of a home or office, MTC Removals man and van service is the right option. Even if you have decided to do the packing, loading and unloading by yourselves, but you are not confident in driving a big rental vehicle, we can provide you with a removal van driven by one of our professionals.

All our man and van teams are comprised of experienced and trained movers who can take up any removal task regardless of its size or difficulty. We are armed with specialised equipment to help us do every job efficiently and quickly. Our transportation vehicles are fitted with GPS navigation systems, lifting platforms, trolleys, protective blankets and some extra packing materials that may be required.

You do not have to worry about very large objects or those with irregular shapes, fragile or delicate items that need to be handled with special care or expensive items that have to be carefully protected and moved. We take the full responsibility to move them. We are also experts in moving safe boxes, pieces of art, antiques and pianos that need secure handling.

Our man and van service is carried out by trained staff who can pack, dismantle and re-assemble all items that require professional intervention. You can opt for full packing and unpacking services offered by MTC London Removals or we can just deliver all necessary packing supplies at your door if you wish to do the packing yourself.

Man and Van Hire London Cheap

We have the needed skills, equipment and vehicles to ensure safety during dismantling, packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking and reinstallation of all your belongings. We guarantee that the process of moving will be carried out with ease and precision without harming any of the items that are being moved.

Interim storage if necessary can be arranged in our safe and convenient warehouses. If your goods are not yet insured, MTC Removals provides insurance of the stored items at a small weekly fee.

If you would like to enquire about our services, you can call us on 0800 294 0566, send an email to or complete our online enquiry form. A free approximate quote can be given over the phone or via e-mail. A precise estimate can be offered after we receive detailed information about what needs to be moved. One of our representatives can also visit your premises if we cannot provide an accurate quote over the phone or by email.

MTC Professional Man and Van Hire Company in London